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Mandarin Duck makes rare appearance in Assam along with black necked cranes. This beauty is captivating yet confusing

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Ducks are not the usual guests for Assamese. If you know a little about birds, it would be a great deal if you heard that one was seen in Assam.

Mandarin Duck

Bird researchers and experts have been waiting for this rare sight. If anything, the bird has revived their belief in miracles. Last time, when a Mandarin duck was seen in Assam was in 1900.

Almost a century later, it has reappeared in the region. It was caught on binoculars by Madhab Gogoi, while sight seeing in Maguri Motapung beel in Tinsukia.

Mandarin Duck looks like elegant prince of birds and cameras are flocking to get a glimpse

The bird a pristine admixture of colours and one sight is not enough to behold its beauty. According to a bird expert, the route of these birds is confined to East Asian countries like Korea and Japan.

However, it’s appearance in South Asian part means that it lost track while migration. Some even suggest that the exotic bird might have escaped the captivity. There are many who illegally deal with exotic birds. Maybe the bird was an escapee.

Besides this beautiful duck, some black necked cranes were also seen in Assam.

Naturalists are claiming that uncalled for climate changes have made these birds change their migratory routes. Maybe their original abodes suffered from climatic catastrophes causing them to flee.

The attractive sight in Assam is making everyone weak for their beauty

When birds like these make rare appearances it does attract more birders and researchers. But at the same time, it also makes us wonder what caused this change. Beauty of the Mandarin Duck has left the locals in awe let alone, the birders.

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