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Lady Gaga’s pet dogs get robbed in LA, the singer offers fifty thousand dollars to return her pet

Lady Gaga's pet dogs

Lady Gaga is an eccentric and very fashionable singer and actress in the music industry. The singer received an Oscar award for her movie called. Further, the singer has won 11 Grammy awards for the music she has released. Gaga is currently working on a film project in Italy but the singer revealed that her pet dogs were robbed. The incident took place on Wednesday when the singer’s walker of dogs went outside for a routine stroll with three pet dogs. Later, the walker got shot down by thieves and they managed to snatched two pet dogs of Gaga. The police have reported this occurrence of robbery immediately. Police also stated that the walker is being treated and will hopefully recover soon.

How did this incident take place?

According to police officials, the thieves threatened the dog walker with a gun and stole two French bulldogs from him. One of the pups had somehow escaped from the scene and was shortly found later. However, the two pets are still missing and the authorities are searching for them. Local news reports reveal that two suspects were involved in this theft. Moreover, those thieves also shot the walker but it’s not clear whether the person was targeted on purpose or not.

Gaga announced a prize for bringing back her pet

The singer has given an announcement where she will pay 50,00 dollars to the person who safely returns her pets. Gaga has requested to bring her dogs called Koji and Gustav back to her by contacting an email address. There will be no doubts asked the representative. It seems that the 34-year-old singer is desperate for her pets to return and shows she cares and misses them a lot.

How far has the investigation reached?

The police authorities of Los Angeles have investigated the matter and disclosed that there are two suspects. These robbers stole the dogs from central LA and the officers were called after the walker’s screams were heard by someone. Furthermore, the suspects took the dogs in a white Nissan car at night.

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