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Several Traders Organisations Declare Strike Today to Raise Voices Against Gst, New Laws on E-Bill and the Recent Fuel Rise in Rates

One-day nationwide strike

A Bandh announced from the CAIT which will be held hereafter.  Moreover, a popular association called AITWA has decided to join hands with CAIT and will similarly participate in tomorrow’s Bandh. Further, the bandh will take place in approximately 1,400 areas and will be on a national level. According to reports,  shut down on 26th will have all the roads jammed by protesters. These unions have called a protest against GST which is a service tax and a rise in fuel rates and abolish new laws on Fast tag invoice. If their demands are not heard tomorrow then the unions have also threatened to have a bigger strike on 28th February. The unions have declared they’ll wait for 14 days which will be given to the government to talk over matters with them.

One-day nationwide strike

A One-day nationwide strike

The strike will be held tomorrow to show the transport organization’s disagreement with the new laws imposed. Union and workers have stated that the E-bill system was not conveyed in governing council and hence they don’t agree with it. Transport workers also firmly expressed that expiry penalties are expensive and can directly cause a huge loss in business. Also, the workers stressed the fuel costs being too high and how much it impacts their salaries.

What are the new laws?

The recent E-invoice introduced a new concept in India that all vehicles have to compulsorily add Fast-Tag which will allow direct payment in tolls. This will make things easier for both toll owner and driver as the payment is made quickly. The network will also comprise RFID that ensures security with anti-E-theft. However, transport organizations do not want these legislations to be imposed.

Who all are striking on 26th?

Reportedly, the participants of the strike are around 8 crores which belong to 40,000 trading organizations. Furthermore, this strike will take place in 1,500 places around the country to put their demands across the government. The trading organizations are going to hold one of the most massive strikes in India. Nonetheless, major and big transport unions did not showcase their support for this protest.

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