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Biden ends the green card ban and makes the entry for legal immigrants a possibility

Joe Biden

Biden was elected the president for United States beating and preventing Donald Trump, from taking charge for second consecutive election.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden campaigned, while targeting many careless decisions of Trump era. About 80 million US citizens voted for Biden because of the changes he talked about.
Donald Trump was all about travel bans and freezing green cards. Trump has already lost the presidency and still is remembered as, the graphic of Islamophobia. Joe Biden removed all restrictions associated with travel of Muslims to US.

Now Biden is trying to undo Trump’s other wrongs. Biden had promised that if he comes in power, he will improve and strengthen immigration policy. The man is taking steps towards the goal. He already lifted the travel ban and is now undoing the knots in immigration rules.

What is immigration to states and how it affected USA

Immigration to US, is a process by which people who aren’t nationals of United States, move there to live there permanently. Owing to this process, the population and cultural diversity has grown in the states. It only makes the country rich and bigger.

Trump had used global pandemic as a shield and stopped the issuance of family visas and worker visas. He had put budget and economy as reasons to justify his actions.

Biden on banned entry to States

Joe Biden

However Joe Biden has clearly said that putting a hold on these visas will make things worse. Families who have their people away will suffer. He also feels that worker visas won’t harm US in any way. It only makes sense if you allow talent flow in your country.

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