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Worker’s Rights Organizations Expose Provisional Firms by a Report That Reveals Agencies Are Racially Biased in Their Hiring Process

Worker’s Rights Organizations

In Chicago, the worker’s rights organization reportedly did a study that involved documentation of hiring discrimination. The organization noticed that temporary agencies are biased towards Latin and black applicants. Their study showcased how racial discrimination still exists. This study was conducted in 2019 and along with black and Latin applicants. The organization observed several loopholes and demanded a law to be made to diminish bias against vulnerable races. This report surely is an eye-opener about how discrimination against particular races impacts these races. However, these provisional businesses don’t face any charges as they go mostly unnoticed.

Racial bias in provisional firms

This issue certainly has been a growing problem within the US and was strongly brought by black Americans last year. The Black Lives Matter protests not only gave light to police brutality against black citizens but also a bias in salaries or jobs. Even when black and Latin applicants with enough qualifications were rejected despite having relevant skills due to prejudice. Further, the report also revealed that such firms also prefer Latin applicants over black candidates. However, the Latin candidates are often hired for risky jobs and get low wages. Therefore, both races equally suffer and these firms continue this hiring process.

The prejudiced hiring process in temporary firms

The provisional firms usually avoid hiring Latin and black candidates purposely. Moreover, this process is common amongst such businesses which supply workers to factories. Nevertheless, vulnerable races which have an equal right to be considered without bias are crushed by small firms. The reason behind the discrimination is said to be the white privilege mindset. Hence, these races are the most common to face such challenges even when the legislation is on their side. Yet, such applications with Latin or black backgrounds were told the position was filled as an excuse.

Temporary and Day Labor Services Act

The United States has already addressed this issue and therefore passed this act in 2017. Regardless, the discrimination continues even now. The organization has now stepped forward with this report which exposes several reputed agencies that still are biased. One of the main goals of the organization is to bring laws against labor abuse, bias hiring and employees to be punished.

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