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A Massacre in Ecuador Takes Place Behind Bars Between Rival Criminal Gangs Leading to the Death of 75

Ecuador prison riots

A South American country, Ecuador witnessed riots within the jail located in Guayaquil city. On Tuesday, three opponent gangs ended up fighting each other. The police authorities stated the incident happened due to overcrowding inside the prison cell. Soon the violence

led to the death of at least 75 and leaving several others harmed. According to reports, the police and officials are trying to control the situation. This incident occurred in multiple jails where severe violence and escape attempts took place. The government of Ecuador stationed military forces to help the local police to regulate the prisoners. 

Ecuador prison riots

The violence inside Ecuador’s jail 

The president of Ecuador tweeted about the incident stating the culprits behind the riots were criminal groups. These fugitives initiated violence in numerous prisons. During this chaos, many police officers were also injured but reportedly no officer has passed away. The situation arose due to two rival gangs seeking to dominate the other and it got out of hand when officials did a weapon search. However, the outcome left several dead and bruised. Even on social media, numerous videos of the riots surfaced online that showed cell inmates’ bodies disarmed lying on a puddle of blood.

A long history of jail riots 

The country has seen such riots before and in the past few years, these incidents increased tremendously. Ecuador has watched several jail violence and mishaps ever since criminal activities were at their peak. Last year, the president even imposed a one and a half month emergency within prisons to reduce criminal gang activity. Nevertheless, such events did not slow down as last year it repeated leading to the death of 51 prisoners. 

Overcrowded prison a major issue 

The main concern of the country and its authorities is the space occupancy of criminals behind bars. Since these fugitives easily take advantage of overcrowding, it’s become difficult for police to control felons. The capacity of the cell is about 29,000 but about 38,000 cell inmates reside behind bars. Hence, if a riot takes place it becomes dangerous for officers.

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