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Daft Punk Declare Disbanding After Being Together for 28 Years, the News Makes Fans Shocked and Heartbroken

The legendary French band Daft Punk has declared that they are splitting after nearly 30 years. The pair of Thomas Bangalter and Guillaume Emmanuel received incredible success in the music field. Their eccentric robotic outfits and style of music got them massive attention. Nevertheless, the duo’s publicist has confirmed that they have disbanded. The assumptions were already being spread after the YouTube of Daft Punk uploaded a video named epilogue. This video immediately created a buzz in the music industry regarding their split. Even though it wasn’t verified yet in the video where the duo walked with their classic helmet and cool jacket costumes. The fans got exceptionally emotional as they heard their favorite band has separated. Nonetheless, the duo has had certainly a fantastic and memorable music career that brought a fresh and new twist to the field of electronic music.

Daft Punk’s Overall Music Journey

The band released their first album back in 1997 which was named Homework although it wasn’t popular it did earn favorable reviews. However, the band attained fame and fortune from their second album called Discovery. This record contained several hits like digital love, one more time etc. Even after giving multiple hit songs, the duo never appeared on television interviews. Regardless, the duo did attend public events like awards but not without their famous signature helmet and robotic style. Daft Punk worked hard and got super famous

after the release of their single Get Lucky and fabulous album called RAM(random access memories).

List Of Achievements By Daft Punk

The pair won their first ever Grammy award for best electronic or dance album in 2007 for their record called Alive. Ultimately, Daft Punk’s album Random Access Memories accomplished numerous awards and turned out to be a chart buster across several countries worldwide. This album alone earned about five Grammy awards that honestly showcased the talent of the band. The duo also achieved an award for giving music in the film Tron: legacy. Furthermore, they won nominations of the best duo group, the best video and album of the year.

Fans Reaction To The Ending Of Daft Punk

The fans are perplexed since they did not expect the disbanding of Daft Punk so unexpectedly. It certainly has been bittersweet for the fans that have loved and followed the band for many years. Though, the fans congratulated and reminisced the two for their incredible 28 years of a music career. The fans and music enthusiast will surely miss them and so will we!