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Fuel Rate Increase Causes Congress to Protest, Opposition Governed States Blame Centre for the Hike in Prices

The price hike in petroleum and diesel have upset and disturbed millions of Indians relying on transportation. The prices rocketed up so quickly in the same month that left Indians baffled. Currently,  fuel prices are either ₹100 or almost at par with crossing hundred. This huge surge in fuel prices is neither slowing down nor decreasing. Moreover, the country is suffering tremendously in vast numbers especially those who depend upon the transport sector and the common man. Nevertheless, the reason behind such a large price hike is due to the central government and state government taxes. According to reports, the rate of crude oil is a mere ₹30-₹35 but after adding taxes the overall rate increases quite greatly. Several states in India are questioning the central government BJP over its sudden and unclear reason to increase taxes.

Madhya Pradesh Congress Mla’s Go On Cycle Protest

Amidst the fuel prices jump, MLA’s travel on bicycles in Madhya Pradesh to protest against the increase in fuel rates. Several congress party members rode on bicycles around the state to express their disagreement with the rates of fuel. Surprisingly, the current chief minister of MP state had similarly ridden a bicycle to protest against fuel price hike back in 2012.

Why Is The Fuel Price So High?

According to a recent statement made by the petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan, the rate is high due to less generation of fuel in the countries that export fuel. Due to this, other countries that rely on fuel producing countries are suffering. Furthermore, the minister also said the International market has also deducted their production as well for more profit gain. This situation had arisen last year during April while India was under corona virus lock down.

Burning Fuel Prices Take A Toll

The vast price hike has led the common man to avoid travelling due to the immense rate of fuel. This historical rate has certainly taken a toll on Indians and their incomes are already quite less. Ever since the pandemic has arrived, salaries have been cut by 50% and the staff was cut off leading to major unemployment worldwide. Nonetheless, now this fuel rate is affecting crucial sectors related to vehicles. What truly is confusing is how are other neighbouring countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan not facing a surge in fuel prices.