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Big Tech Companies- Google and Facebook Debate on Issues Regarding the New Legislation Passed by Australia

Two big tech companies are against laws put forward by the Australian government and here’s why. Australia has passed a new law that now news links and information published will not be free. The new law requires corporations like Google and Facebook to give money to news outlets separately which made these companies have disagreed. Both the massive companies have denied paying for news and are going against the law. Facebook and Google believe this legislation will be expensive and create chaos from negotiating with several news corporations. Google has previously warned about removing its search engine from Australia. Facebook also removed all posts and news directed from Australia and official social media accounts were deeply affected by this move.

Google, Facebook And Australia Have Negotiated Temporarily

The tech giants have decided to operate despite refusing to give money for news. However, the companies have agreed on following other clauses of the law regarding fake news and misinformation. Authorities of Australia have pressurised both companies to restrict fake news content from spreading. The law asserts on removing fake news, flagging misinformation and relying on credible sources for news. Major tech corporations like Microsoft, Twitter, TikTok are also included in the list which will obey these laws.

Australia’s Strict Action Against “Fake News”

The Australian government has taken this matter seriously and is all set and ready to regulate online content. The administrations believe the widespread of fake news and misinformation brings vast turmoil within a country. Therefore, the Australian government legislated new laws to control the content which is shown. Regardless, online news agencies and social media platforms already provide such fake news labels nevertheless Australia wants to ensure the reduction of fake news. This law will soon be passed by the parliament by next week.

Massive Mayhem Of Fake News And Misleading Information

Last year, one of the most concerning issues was the gigantic surge of fake news, misleading or provocative information. All of these deceiving reports were vastly shared especially during the pandemic and US elections. This could most likely have the potential to harm communities, races or a specific population that is targeted. Hence, restrictions of these types of content need to be done with giving utmost priority to such matters.