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Russia Alleges They Have Found the First-Ever Person Infected by Another Strain of Virus Avian Influenza Which Was Never Seen Before

The avian influenza has been on the rise and is affecting several countries. However, the health authorities did not report any bird to a human transmission until now. Russia declares to have observed a case of H5N8 bird infection in humans. This is the probable first case to be seen in humans and hence the officials have revealed this matter to WHO. This H5N8 bird flu virus strain previously has been noted in the Middle East, Russia and Europe as well. The viral strain has only been seen in poultry and not in humans until recently, Russia confirmed it. The threat of bird flu has increased in the past few months with numerous dead birds and the rapid spreading of the viral infection. Health authorities of multiple countries are culling infectious birds to avoid transmission.

Russia Confirms The Bird Influenza  Strain In Human

The health executive of Russia, Anna Popova revealed on TV that the isolated virus strain was found from a poultry ranch in south Russia. Seven individuals suffered from the avian viral infection and upon investigation by scientists from the Vektor laboratory, they discovered and identified the strain of H5N8. This flu outbreak took place in December which infected seven people from the farm. This information reveals that this infectious strain can be transmitted to humans as well.

Examination Of The Strain By Russian Health Experts

The Russian health officials are currently investigating this matter and are analyzing how much this flu impacts humans. National authorities along with health experts will soon have a meeting with WHO officers to discuss what their findings reveal and if this infection is harmful and particularly contagious to humans.

Response From The Officials

The world health organisation’s  spokesman has disclosed that this matter has been registered to them and hence will further examine it. Moreover, they also revealed and emphasized the infected individuals were asymptomatic. Also, the reason behind the mutations of the virus is unknown at the moment but the health administrations are working out on it. Furthermore, the official said if this is verified then this will be the first case of this strain to be transmitted to humans.