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NASA Mars Rover Perseverance lands on the red planet. The rover has spent three days on the planet so far

NASA Mars Rover Perseverance

NASA Mars Rover Perseverance pumps up serotonin levels as it lands successfully

NASA Mars Rover Perseverance

Mars Rover has landed perfectly and that’s what is making people excited. If you are wondering why your science enthusiast is not leaving his room, you don’t have a worry in the world. He is only following news about the NASA Mars Rover Perseverance.

Moreover it is not just him but there are scores of people who haven’t sobered up after learning that World is very close to new discoveries. It will be clear if there is a sign of life on Mars and about the topography of that planet. Over the years, man has achieved enough to call himself the brains of nature but as the knowledge increases, so should the reach.

If you stay in your confined dimension for your whole life it won’t better you as a person. It is important to embrace change and work towards it.

When Percy was launched and the key role of its ascent

NASA Mars Rover Perseverance

That’s what is keeping NASA so determined. The SUV sized rover is known as Perseverance or Percy and it was launched in July 2020. After exactly seven months of travel, the rover reached the surface of red planet. This is not a news one can ignore. It is another step towards diversifying knowledge.

Since landing it has sent a couple pictures. It has 19 cameras fitted on it along with two microphones. The rover also carries a mini helicopter that will be flying over Mars.

The Objective of this project is to see:

NASA Mars Rover Perseverance

  • if Mars can support human life.
  • If there’s oxygen in the Martian atmosphere.
  • If there’s a chance of microbial life on the planet.
  • And if it has been a host to life in the past.

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