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Another Lockdown Could Be Imposed Amidst a Rapid Rise in Covid-19 Cases Notifies the Chief Minister, Udhav Thackeray

Another lockdown could be imposed amidst a rapid rise in Covid-19 cases notifies the chief minister, Udhav Thackeray – Maharashtra’s state is reporting numerous cases of Covid-19 this month. Previously, there was a reduction in active cases but, suddenly the state has come across over 6000 cases in a single day. The state had less active cases before but now are facing a surge in Covid-19 positive cases. For about two consecutive days Maharashtra has recorded more than 6000 coronavirus cases in one day. These numbers are extremely concerning especially when the vaccination program is not completed. Ever since the restrictions of the lockdown were shortened, a huge rise in coronavirus cases has been reported. Therefore, the state government of Maharashtra is taking strict measures to contain the spread of the viral disease.

Another lockdown in Amravati

The district Amravati will undergo another one week strict and complete lockdown since a maximum of the cases are from this district. Other districts like Akola along with Amravati also had a weekend lockdown and Yavatmal is under a ten-day lockdown as well. The new guidelines will ensure that the formation of crowds can be reduced and the spreading of the virus can be controlled. The restrictions also state schools and colleges to be closed until February 28th and public gatherings to be limited to 50 people only.

The chief minister warns state citizens again

The CM of Maharashtra, Udhav Thackeray has warned the residents again. Further, the CM stated if the situation does not get better, the entire state may undergo a complete strict lockdown again. Moreover, CM also encouraged citizens to properly obey the Covid-19 guidelines provided by the government. However, health authorities have yet not confirmed this rise as a second wave of coronavirus.

Major preventive steps take by the state government
The state government has revealed they plan to impose lockdown in certain areas that have shown increase in Covid-19 cases. Furthermore, the official declared that night curfews, a strict lockdown will commence and also contaminated zones will be sealed. The state government is also concerned by the UK mutant virus strain although no such cases have been reported by the health authorities.