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Changes in magnetic field of earth or flipping of poles occur after every 42,000 years. This is the reason behind climate changes too, says Australian research

Earth's magnetic field
Earth's magnetic field

Changes in magnetic field of earth caused 42,000 years ago left an impact. Kauri trees are helping with research

As per the new Aussie research, the reasons behind climate changes we are facing today have their roots in the distant past.The world is changing at a rapid pace and so is the habitat we are getting used to. There have been accusations and narratives about the changing climatic behaviour of the earth. This might be an offshoot of changes in magnetic field of earth.

The melting snow caps and glaciers are reasons behind surging anxiety and global panic today.

Earth's magnetic field
Earth’s magnetic field

Theories suggest that release of plastic and non biodegradable items into the nature’s DNA has ruined its basic structure and made it more vulnerable to changes.

 42,000 years ago breaking of earth’s magnetic field was a historic event

Kauri tree New Zealand

However do you have any information about the historic climate change that happened 42,000 years ago.

Australian researchers have studied the trends of seasons earth was exposed to. They have found that there was a time, when earth had to face multiple aurorae and electric storms.

There is data that suggests, earth’s magnetic poles flip after every 42,000 years but what it did was not known as yet.

What is Adam’s Event and how does it affect life

This period where cosmic radiations and electrical storms take over the planet is termed as “Adams Event” or “Adams Transitional Geomagnetic Event”. Furthermore the changes that earth and sun have gone through could be noticed by study of rings on the ancient Kauri trees of New Zealand.

When this storm cycle and destruction was unleashed upon the life on earth, many animals and mega fauna succumbed.

Only few modern humans survived it because they used caves to protect their species. The rings on Kauri trees suggested that Earth has a history of unstable weather conditions. Undulating radiocarbon levels exist as a proof.

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