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Germany Reports a Sudden Surge in Covid-19 Cases and May Also Face the Third Wave of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is becoming challenging day by day. The virus keeps on mutating and transforming into more transmissible variants. Previously the United Kingdom confirmed mutated coronavirus cases. However, a vaccine can control a mutated virus form as well but a maximum of the population currently is not vaccinated and hence are susceptible to the virus. Meanwhile, several countries are trying to provide vaccines to frontline health workers and doctors. Moreover, even highly advanced countries are organising vaccination programs yet are struggling with sudden rises in covid-19 cases. Germany has noted one such trend where their curve was going downwards until new abrupt cases were recorded. These fresh Covid-19 cases made the curve flat due to the rise of positive cases. 

A New Wave Of Mutated Corona virus

A new mutated variant of coronavirus has been detected in Germany and it is suspected to have spread in Flensburg. The health authorities have stated that about 22% are infected by the new variant. However the residents said that the crowd maintains proper guidelines of Covid-19 in Flensburg yet its become a growing hotspot. Currently the town is under more strict restrictions. 

Border Restrictions In Germany

The German government has declared that the borders will be closed since the mutant virus from the UK may have reached Germany as well. One has to test Covid-19 negative for 72 hours to enter Germany from the borders. The mutant virus could possibly bring a third wave of coronavirus and to avoid this the government is taking precautionary and strict measures to contain it. 

What’s The Reason Of The Surging Cases

It’s not yet known why exactly the virus is spreading quickly. The health experts reveal since the UK mutant virus strain is more transmissible hence cases are rising rapidly. Due to the reopening of school and public areas, the virus has managed to spread fast within the crowds. Therefore, Germany is going through a tough time and may face the third wave of the virus.