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Ted Cruz receives backlash for flying to Mexico, when Texas is facing the bone chilling winds

Ted Cruz

Arctic air affecting the Texans and the untimely power outages

Texas is facing problems because of the spell that arctic freeze has cast on its people. Temperature even plummeted to -16°C. Clearly, this is trouble for the inhabitants and pressure on power generation is surging.

When people need more energy to keep themselves warm, power outages have become the new age threat. Arctic winds are making survival a chore for people. Amidst all this humdrum, Senator Ted Cruz was spotted at the airport boarding a flight for Cancún, Mexico. Even if a saint was to judge his actions, there was not a chance that he would get a clean chit.

Ted Cruz makes the whole trip about his daughters and labels it as a good dad’s deed

Evidently his actions did bear fruits. It is for everyone to see, that people are not happy with Sen. Ted’s irresponsible behaviour. Some are serious about the subject of Senator leaving his state on its own. And others saw this as a meme content.

In Both cases, Sen. Ted Cruz is not in a good light. As a result, Edward Cruz boarded a plane to head back to US. He took to twitter to explain why he left in the first place.

Edward Cruz 50, is serving Texas as a senator and this started in 2013. Over this time, there have been incidents that will go down in history. There were fights between Ted and Trump at the time of 2016 elections and that sure was ugly.

Ted Cruz gave an excuse that his daughters wanted to go for a trip, since the schools were to remain shut. He said that he was only accompanying his daughters to the place and was planning to head back.

He is receiving backlash from the Democrats and Texans. It is all over the internet. If there was someone who shouldn’t have to worry about it, is learning about it through viral memes.

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