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Palakkad’s Hotel Noorjehan Open Grill Submerges in Fire with No Reported Casualties till Now

Palakkad’s highlight; the well-known NoorJehan hotel was enveloped in a bad fire accident. While there have been speculations and predictions as to what may have caused this, the real reason remains behind closed doors. There have been many citizens who have displayed their thoughts on the incident through several social media platforms. Not only was NoorJehan a highlight among outsiders, it was well admired and a personal favourite for locals as well. The incident has caused heavy damage to the entire hotel by burning it down to a crisp.

How It All Took Place

In accordance to the local media, the initial fire allegedly caused everyone including staff and customers to flee the hotel. Teams of the fire force department were quickly informed to put out the fire. There were also many gas cylinders (LPG) which were taken out of the premises affected to prevent any major explosion to take place. The fire had lashed out at the ground floor of the three storeyed building. Arun Basker; the District’s fire force official calmed the nerves of bystanders and citizens by stating the situation was under control. He also let the local media know, the fire had started from the kitchen area, spreading swiftly at an agile pace, soon making NoorJehan the newest residence for fire.

Possible Reasons That Resulted in the Fire

While the fire force has officially released a statement about the incident originating from the kitchen, there has been no confirmed report which claims what exactly led up to the situation. There has been an investigation although, has hinted that a nearby transformer may be the reason behind this entire thing. However, factual evidence has yet to be brought to the table for all to believe in. Until then, the transformer is the only clue investigators can cling onto.

No Casualties Have Been Reported

According to news, the fire teams investigated the areas carefully and have thankfully reported zero casualties in this incident. News has also revealed that the building situated right next to the restaurant also caught fire. The team immediately went to rescue the residents and stated no one was harmed due to it. Since the restaurant is located in a commercial area, the fire alarmed locals residing nearby and quickly called for help. The fire brigade team successfully managed to extinguish the blazing flames.