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Maharashtra’s Government Declared Lock down to Be Imposed on Certain Areas After Rising Cases of Covid-19 Surpass 5000

Maharashtra’s Government Declared Lock down to Be Imposed on Certain Areas After Rising Cases of Covid-19 Surpass 5000

The coronavirus pandemic has not completely left and hence precautionary measures should be continued until everyone is vaccinated. This whole vaccination process will take time to be executed. Maharashtra is encountering surging positive cases of corona virus again due to which the state government has decided to impose a strict new lockdown. Ever since the restrictions were reduced, huge crowds were being accumulated in public areas which are highly risky. Therefore, the authorities have decided to take strict measures again to contain the virus from spreading. A few specific areas will be under lockdown for ten days until 28th February. Maharashtra’s government has declared if the cases keep rising at this rate, the state will have no choice but to inflict complete lockdown.

Rising Cases Have Been Reported

According to reports in one day, more than 5000 cases have been recorded in the state. These numbers have never been recorded in the past months. Hence, the state authorities are concerned with the sudden increase in covid-19 cases and their adverse effects. The state was previously improving with a huge drop in active cases until this month it noted more than 3000 cases on 15th February.

Where Will This Lockdown Be Imposed

The state has announced the lockdown to be implemented in three following districts: Yavatmal, Amravati, and Akola. Under the new guidelines, these areas are restricted to form crowds in public places, parks, schools or any other place. The limitations released include restaurants and food outlets to be open from 8 AM to 9:30 PM strictly. Also, shops and markets will remain open till 8 PM. However, the mentioned areas will operate and nothing will be closed since it will affect the economy.

A Complete State Lockdown Will Need Permission

For the state to implement a complete lockdown in the entire state, it will need the permission of the central government. Until then, the state authorities can only impose restrictions on certain areas for a reasonable amount of time. There have been no reports declaring a full state lockdown in Maharashtra. However, the chief minister of the state Mr Udhav Thackeray has warned citizens if cases increase more, prepare for a complete lockdown.