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Why Are Shweta Memes Getting Viral and Why Is It Trending so Much on Social Media

 The internet is truly a fun place where you get to see and watch hilarious memes and videos which get super-viral time and again. One such video is currently trending and we’re here to explain why it is getting viral on various social media platforms. The video was shared on Instagram and caught fire immediately and became the centre of attraction in a span of a few minutes. Social media memes are being spammed with the name Shweta and they are extremely humorous. However, not many know why she is getting popular and what’s the origin of the memes. Read more to find out why Shweta is becoming famous presently. 

Why is Shweta currently trending 

Apparently, a zoom meeting took a wrong turn for a woman named Shweta who is currently trending all over the place. There was a zoom meeting with about a hundred people including Shweta. Suddenly, in the middle of the conference, everyone started hearing a woman on call gossiping with someone. Soon people attending the meeting found out it was Shweta since her microphone was switched on by mistake. Due to this silly mistake, the attendees of the conference were able to listen to her gossip with her friend. 

The embarrassing incident became a meme  

Shortly after, the video of Shweta unknowingly gossiping in a zoom concert got uploaded, it went viral. There were several hundred memes and jokes about Shweta busy chatting with her friend not caring about her microphone. This embarrassing incident is currently being shared massively by online users. So voila this the reason why Shweta memes are being circulated on social media. Hopefully, Shweta won’t repeat such a mistake. 

The video is trending on YouTube

Yes, this video of the conference call indeed is trending on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. It’s also being said that several such pages will also come up with their own twist on this incident. So what have you learned from this? Always check your microphone or else you might be trending on social media!