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The first female eve prisoner in India that could be soon executed ever since 1947

The first female eve prisoner in India that could be soon executed ever since 1947. The Mathura prison is all set to execute the first woman convict in India since independence. An Uttar Pradesh local woman named Shabnam Ali is accused of brutally slaying seven household members with the help of an axe after serving them sedated milk. The 38-year-old woman and her love interest Saleem both murdered her own family and relatives in 2008. The reason behind this crime was her family denying permission to Shabnam and Saleem’s marriage. Shabnam’s family refused to let their double MA pass out a daughter to a 6th class dropout. The differences between Shabnam and her family led her to take a horrifying route of crime..

The accused duo are given the death penalty

According to the judgment passed after two years of hearing in the court of Amroha, the  judge  charged Shabnam and Saleem to be given the death penaly in 2010. Ever since this ruling was given, for the past eleven years Shabnam has gone to the high court of Allahabad and also the Supreme Court. However, the decision of the death penalty was upheld until last year the honourable SC opposed her review plea. Reports reveal the preparations for the the death penalty is currently being done in Mathura after the sovereignty of India.

Do the convicts have judicial remedies?

Even though it’s very likely that Shabnam will get hanged soon but until the decision is ruled by the court it cannot be confirmed. Shabnam still has other options of filing another review petition and also has not used out all her judicial processes. So it could be possible that her death sentence can be delayed but how much can it be postponed is yet unknown.

How much time do the prisoners have?

This is highly unlikely that both accused won’t get hanged but when is the real question. Regardless of the rulings, the Mathura prison authorities are ordered to prepare for the execution of both the accused. However, there has been no date given as of yet. Until all of the judicial matters are closed and completed, Shabnam will possibly be hanged in the jail of Mathura which was built over 100 years ago and not even used since independence. Currently, both are serving their time in jail.