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Reel and Real-Life Couple of Got Rose Leslie and Christopher Harington Reveal They Are Now Parents of a Baby Boy

Rose Leslie and Christopher Harington

Rose Leslie and Christopher Harrington are both reel and real-life couples. Both the stars played roles in the super popular fantasy tv series called Game of Thrones. Rose, 34 starred as Ygritte, and 34-year-old Harington starred as character Jon Snow. The characters played by the duo were lovers on-screen. Soon these co-stars began dating in 2011 and later got engaged in 2017. The pair finally tied the knot in a church situated in Scotland in 2018. Rose and Harrington since then are going strong and last year in a photoshoot it was disclosed that Rose was pregnant. The couple revealed they had a baby boy, and they were extremely happy to step into parenthood with their first child together.

Rose And Harrington Are Finally Parents

The couple was recently captured on the streets of London with Rose carrying their child. Rose revealed in a statement that she is “very, very happy”. Harrington and Rose were caught holding hands and doing some shopping or chores together. However, there has been no further news or official announcement by the pair yet but fans are eagerly awaiting some photos or a glimpse of the newborn.

How Did Rose And Harrington Meet?

The pair met each other on the sets of the game of thrones. Also, the pair stated although they were not in love at the beginning of the show, we’re attracted to one another. Rose and Harrington revealed they fell for each other in the second season of the show which was shot in Iceland. However, the couple started going out in 2011 and kept it low-key from fans and the public. Eventually, the pair were captured by the paparazzi holding hands in an award function in 2016.

Rose And Kit Almost Broke Up With Each Other

When the duo moved in together in 2017, Harrington decided to prank Rose on April Fool’s Day and it went too far. Harrington placed a sliced head inside the fridge and it scared Rose to the core and broke down in tears. Rose then warned if he repeated this prank she’ll break up with him.

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