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North Carolina suffers damage of structures and power lines because of yet another tornado. NWS issued warnings at Monday night

North Carolina suffers damage

This Tuesday night North Carolina suffered property damage because of a twister. As soon as the authorities reached the area they started to assess the damage and casualties if any. This tornado hit Brunswick County where people were already warned about the tornado. NWS (National Weather Services) in Wilmington even tweeted about breaking power lines near Highway 17 Grissettown area along with property damage. Many people experienced power outages and stayed indoors. The authorities had warned the people about the situation at around 11:40 pm and the tornado hit the sunset beach after an hour or two. The extensive damage has left everyone in distress.

How the geography of North Carolina makes a hotspot of hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes

North Carolina suffers damage

North Carolina is in the southern part of the US of America and is also known among the locals as the Old North State. North Carolina is surrounded by elevated planes, ocean, and mountains which makes its weather conditions unpredictable and severe be it in summer or winter.

Weather is adverse and summers are the busiest part of the year not only because of summer events and business going on in the area but also because of its geographic location. The area is susceptible to tornadoes and deadly hurricanes. Summers in North Carolina are filled with heavy rainfall and lead to floods and storms. Some hurricanes that have caused destruction in North Carolina include Hurricane Floyd, Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Hugo, and Hazel.

These storms and hurricanes produce tornadoes that keep deforming and reforming. It is very unlikely for a tornado to skip a year in North Carolina. The place is an abode to a large population and every year they go through the same weather abnormalities. It’s like every country hosts people and raises them as per its ecology.

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