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Jeff Bezos Beats Elon and Redeems His Title of the World’s Richest Man as Tesla Shares Slightly Decline

Jeff Bezos Beats Elon

Jeff Bezos has beaten Elon Musk and redeemed himself as the world’s richest man again. Jeff stole the title from Musk who had it formerly since last month. Musk’s Tesla shares saw a decline and hence pulled Elon down on the second position on Bloomberg Billionaire Index. Jeff previously had been on this in the first place of the Index since 2017 until last month Elon sneakingly replaced him. Currently, Bezos is back on number one with $191.2 billion as his net worth. So the battle of the richest continues and now it will be intriguing to see how Elon Musk bucks up.

Tesla Shares Note Decline On Tuesday

Musk’s electric car company reportedly noticed a decline of 2.4% on Tuesday. This reduction in shares caused Elon to lose $4.6 billion and the world’s richest man title to Jeff. The company earlier saw a massive surge in stock prices and its market value touched a solid $700 billion! This gave other car companies like Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, etc a big punch since its total cost was more than all companies combined. Due to Tesla’s huge sharemarket success, Musk’s net worth was increased by more than $150 billion.

A Great Beginning Of The Year For Elon

Elon musk had a fantastic beginning as his share prices of Tesla kept increasing until he became the world’s richest man. His car company has seen a humongous 743% boost in share price since last year. This happened as Tesla attained its delivery mark and hence the rise in prices. Elon has also tweeted he has invested $1.5 billion in cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Also, he stated that his company will accept payment in the form of Bitcoin as well.

Elon’s Tweets And Changes On Amazon

Elon’s tweets and statements hold too much value since whenever he declares anything related to the stock market, their shares immediately show a massive surge. Previously, this happened with Bitcoin, Gamestop, Etsy, Signal, etc as these companies recorded vast growth in share prices. However, Jeff has currently back as the richest man and even resigned as the CEO of Amazon and made Andy Jassy the new CEO.

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