Olivia Wilde shares how working with Harry Styles has been meaningful to her. According to the director Harry didn’t care that it was a female lead movie.

Olivia Wilde

As soon as the production on “Don’t Worry Darling” ended Olivia Wilde took to Instagram to share how grateful she is. She said that there are many male artists who refuse to work as supporting actors, in a woman-led movie and then there is Harry whose humble and gentle nature made the film more meaningful.

Olivia Wilde and her past relationships. The director got married young and her current status

Olivia Wilde is an American actress, producer, and filmmaker who is known for her role in movies like, Drinking Buddies and Tron: Legacy. Olivia 36, has also directed the widely loved film, Booksmart. She is a citizen of both the USA and Ireland. She was only 19 when she got married to Tao Ruspoli, a musician and filmmaker. However, it didn’t last between the two and they got divorced in the year 2011. Later that year the actor started to date Comedian Jason Sudeikis. The actress got engaged to him after two years and has two kids with him. But the relationship didn’t make it to the summit and they separated last year.

Olivia and Harry Styles as a couple and how people are reacting to it

The actress is currently dating One Direction’s Harry Styles who is known for his accent and honey-like voice. Olivia is currently busy with her new project “Don’t Worry Darling” which she is producing and directing. After the split from Jason, Olivia and Harry used to cross paths on the sets of Don’t Worry Darling, and soon the romance started to brew between the two.

They did try to keep their romance a secret but that didn’t go as planned and people started to realize that there was something going on between the two.  Earlier this year, Harry even referred to Olivia as his girlfriend. Some say that he fell for her intelligence and some say that the duo won’t work and that it is just a phase.

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