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Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg upset at Apple’s new feature and states it will cause a huge loss in revenue

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg

It seems that Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is upset with Apple and their recent update calls App Tracking Transparency(ATT). This feature will be launched with IOS 14.5 and iPad 14.5. However, this feature is not appreciated by Zuckerberg and has started how much damage it will cause to Facebook and other small firms. Mark had previously in December had addressed Apple’s tactics and strategies as anti-competitive and appears to be unfair. Facebook published a page-long advertisement against Apple. It is certainly not new that both companies have had conflicts and publicly bad-mouthed against each other directly or indirectly. This may sound funny while it also depicts how much Facebook and other corporations will suffer in the future.

How will Facebook suffer from Apple’s new update?

Well, to put it into simple words Apple’s new ATT feature will allow tracking users for advertisement motive. This will cause a massive loss to Facebook’s revenue. Since Facebook earns from advertising and profited about $85 billion in 2020 alone. Although it is predicted that after the launch of Apple’s ATT feature their profit could drop by 50% which indeed is a hefty amount. This is the major reason why Zuckerberg is against this feature and how vastly it’s going to impact Facebook.

Battle of privacy issues and more

Privacy, this word is used immensely after the whole data-stealing controversy of Facebook. Users began doubting other corporations like Google and demanded to know if their data was safe. These massive companies denied access and selling of personal information to firms that could influence your life. Although there have always been speculations around Facebook’s protection of user’s privacy. However, Facebook has stated the data is taken for advertisement purposes only. When WhatsApp also introduced changes last year in their privacy policies, several users opposed the update. After WhatsApp users bashed their policy, the company had to release a clarification regarding this update.

Zuckerberg’s and Apple’s 2018 dispute

Both Apple and Facebook have fought formerly on the whole US elections being influenced due to data being stolen from Facebook. The big corporation suffered a worldwide backlash from users whose personal information was sold to Cambridge Analytica that worked with Donald Trump’s campaign. The CEO of Apple Tim Cook in an interview stated to never treat users as a product which was directed at Zuckerberg’s company. Although Mark did respond to Cook saying his statement is not true. Later, it was also revealed that Mark told his team to cause pain to Apple for those comments.

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