After TikTok ban that extended to six long months, parent company ByteDance decides to sell Indian TikTok operations to The Glance

TikTok’s parent ByteDance
TikTok’s parent ByteDance

TikTok is a popular video sharing platform. It is very common among GenZ and is also by a good number of older generations. It is just like any other social media platform but rather than texting and sharing images, it demands you to document your doings in the form of a video and share it with your connections. There are many who even earn via this application because their content attracts a large number to the platform.

The reason why TikTok got banned in the first place and is there a possibility it will be back

However, TikTok was banned by the Indian Govt. as a result of India’s China tensions in the Galway Valley. It is still under dust and six months have passed since then. But after a long wait, there are hints that the Government might consider resuming this app in the country.

TikTok’s parent ByteDance

ByteDance Ltd. Is a company that amasses huge content for sharing via the apps it develops like TikTok and Douyin. So TikTok’s parent is looking for alternatives to make its once flourishing business in India, flourish again. As per reports, ByteDance is going to sell its Indian operations to Glance and the talks also include Japan’s SoftBank. But the sale is not going to be a hidden contract when it happens if it happens. Reports are still to be proven right since there is no nod from the Indian Government so far.

Alternative apps tried to replace TikTok and results

After TikTok got banned in the country, Indian software developers have tried to replace it by launching similar video sharing applications. You can edit and share your content just like you could do it in TikTok. It is obvious that the similarities are restricted to overview only and the foundation could differ as the development techniques are different. So far, the reports are suggesting that the app might be revisiting the country.

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