‘The Masked Dancer’ Reveals Identity of the Zebra: Here’s the Celebrity Under the Mask

masked dancer in boxing ring

Hoya has become the following film big name to be decided at the show because the man or woman underneath the Zebra get dressed on Wednesday’s model of the hit series. He becomes unmasked after dancing to Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife,” in tribute to a cherished one he out of place to cancer.

Asked to touch upon whether or now not he may also moreover come out of retirement to field once more, de l.A.Hoya became coy — but he did tell Variety that, “Let’s virtually say that Mike Tyson stimulated me to train, to begin training within the gymnasium. I’ve without a doubt been inside the gymnasium for the closing about five months. And, you apprehend, who is privy to, perhaps the Zebra is making a comeback!”

Hoya stated the pandemic did provide him time to consciousness on schooling as properly. “It’s fine timing,” he stated. “I assume with what this show did for me, like mentally and bodily. Because, to begin with, you want to be in shape, so I ended up taking yoga. I ended up going lower back to the gym. I commenced out walking every unmarried day. I recommend I’m at preventing weight now. So, it’s like wow, OK, probably there are a few factors there. And then looking Mike Tyson get within the ring all over again. I mean it changed into very inspirational.”

De l.  A. Hoya’s screen additionally comes following this year’s Super Bowl, in which former “Masked Dancer” contestants — Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown — picked up earrings as a part of the champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

masked dancer in boxing ring

“Hey, perhaps I can win an international name within the ring,” de l.  A. Hoya quipped.

The boxer stated he hesitated at the beginning at the equal time as requested to be a part of “The Masked Dancer,” however then decided it might be a laugh.

“I even have come to be thinking about, ‘OK I’m gonna be dancing in the again of the mask. Nobody’s gonna recognize who I am. I can be silly, I may also need to without a doubt make it amusing,’” he stated. “And sure sufficient, I had the time of my existence.”

Hoya had no first dancing knowledge, apart from substituting throughout the boxing ring.

“I have stated that in most of my battles if you have been to vicinity paint under my boxing shoes, also need to coloration this stunning photograph on the canvas, actually moving round like a Picasso,” he stated. “But outside the hoop, I certainly have left feet and I became a piece hesitant when they requested me to do this due to the fact I knew, I simply can’t dance. But the experience has become outstanding. I couldn’t wait to move reduction returned every single day and exercises. I love opposition, I love the repetition of every single day and getting better, doing higher. And so, once I paired up with my dancers, they just made it plenty a laugh. I suggest they made me feel like I became Fred Astaire.”

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