New Netflix series brings back unresolved mystery case Of 2013 unusual deaths that occurred in the past inside a popular hotel

mystery case Of 2013

Netflix often brings fresh and engaging content to viewers. Recently the  OTT platform is releasing a documentary series that showcases one strange and dark mystery of the past decade. The documentary revolves around the bizarre disappearance of Elisa Lam and also several strange deaths that took place inside Cecil Hotel situated in Los Angeles. You probably must have seen the creepy elevator footage of Elisa behaving weirdly. This CCTV tape contains the last sightings of Elisa. The video got very popular due to Elisa’s odd actions of hiding and playing around with the elevator buttons. Later, Elisa’s dead body was found inside a water tank present on the rooftop of the Hotel. The hotel itself has been known for numerous controversial incidents. The Hotel allegedly rented rooms to heinous and wanted serial killers. The trailer has been uploaded on YouTube and it has an eerie vibe and re-ignites this unsolved hyped case of 2013.

What happened to Elisa Lam?

A Canadian girl of 21 years of age Elisa was staying in Cecil Hotel on the 23rd of January. Elisa along with her friends was residing in this hotel. Although things took a turn when Lam was shifted to a private room after her roommates complained about Lam’s strange behavior. Previously, Elisa also got into an argument with the Hotel Manager. There is no proper explanation about why Elisa behaved that way but some reveal it perhaps was due to her skipping medications. Since Elisa was bipolar and was undergoing treatment, she was given four different medicines for her condition. On January 31st, Elisa was caught in the surveillance video of the Hotel’s elevator acting quite unusual. After which Elisa was missing but was found on 19th February when a guest complained saying the water stinks. The water tank at the top was then checked and what was discovered shocked the entire world. Lam’s nude dead body was hovering inside the tank.

mystery case Of 2013

What will the series cover?

The new Netflix series called Crime Scene will uncover the details behind mysterious deaths that happened over the years. The documentary will also reveal inside stories by Hotel staff members and police authorities investigating Elisa’s case. This thrilling series is directed by Joe Berlinger who has brought this paradox back into the spotlight.

The truth about Cecil Hotel’s disturbing past

The Hotel was built around in the 1900s had seemingly low prices but the reason behind it will leave you baffled. The hotel was commonplace for criminals to live in. Several murderers, serial killers, drug mafias, and thieves often were sighted inside the hotel. Due to which the hotel frequently reported various odd deaths time and again. This hotel was also a popular suicide spot where several guests often jumped from the hotel building. Overall, the hotel has a dirty history full of random and numerous deaths.

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