Various Celebrities will now be the new voices of Public Service Announcements on New York subways

Public Service Announcements

The global pandemic has made people more cautious of their surroundings. Although following a set of rules and guidelines may bore you. Due to this, celebrities have come forward to add a quirky twist for everyday subway travellers in New York City. Now subway announcers will sound oddly familiar as they will be made by well-known stars. Some of which include Jerry Seinfeld, Jadakiss, Debi Mazar, Whoopi Goldberg, Cam’ron and many more. The renowned stars are locals of New York City and have joined hands together to bring positivity during the pandemic. The celebs will be making the public service announcements for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority(MTA). 

Public Service Announcements

A Warm Initiative for New Yorkers By Celebrities 

New Yorkers will receive a special treat by popular celebrities in hopes to cheer up the citizens. The announcements will have a delightful signature style by respective stars along with safety precautions. This extremely incredible plan will certainly bring smiles to the faces of local passengers. The voice-overs can be heard in subways and busses as well. Different celebrities’ audios will be played that will contain funny messages to entertain and lift the spirits of the passengers.

Stars will encourage the public to follow safety guidelines 

One of the main purposes of bringing celebs in PSA’s is to make the public aware of the safety measures announced. Also to motivate the crowds to always follow protocols properly. Since it is difficult to make this precautionary advisory engaging, stars were approached to take the role which they obliged to. Hopefully, residents of New York City like this idea and change. 

New York was hit hard by covid-19 

One of the major big economic cities to be hit by the coronavirus is New York. The busy city suffered hugely business-wise and their hospitality industries took a massive downfall. Since then, the city is trying to redeem itself from the previous loss. Although it still is difficult for them due to the slow recovery rate of corona patients. However, the good news is that things are getting better after the vaccination programs being held in the city.

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