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After Jodi Montgomer replacing Spears’ father as her conservator, her Ex-Husband expresses how he thinks Jodi is ideal man for the job

Jamie and Britney drifted apart emotionally

Britney Spears 39, who is known as the Princess Of Pop, has had her share of troubles multiplied over these years. It all began in 2007 when the singer started behaving strangely. She buzzed all her hair off, threw a hissy fit with her umbrella, and banged a photographer’s car with it. She was seen driving with her infant son on the front seat with her. As her personal life is never left unattended, these incidents also caught the public eye. She was sent to the medical facilities for treatment and her legal matters were handed over to her father Jamie Spears. He was made the conservatory, which means he could take all decisions for the singers.

Jamie and Britney drifted apart emotionally

Jamie and Britney drifted apart emotionally, and is this conservatorship battle to be blamed?

Jamie was given a legal right to look after the medical and financial affairs of the pop artist. He could decide who gets to meet her, which company she works for, who she works with, and even her expenses. It was all under his control and Britney had no say in it. For some time, things didn’t face much turbulence but conservatorship was meant to be temporary and when it kept getting extended, this infuriated the singer and she demanded the court to end it. The father-daughter didn’t have a smooth relationship and certainly don’t share a healthy bond. She even accused her father of beating her teen son, Sean.

Jamie’s temporary unavailability didn’t really benefit him.

After Jamie started to feel unwell, he decided to temporarily give up the conservatorship. He let Spears’s care manager,  Jodi Montgomery to take his place till he recovered from his own conditions. This conservatorship situation has been under the radar and the fans have been trending their own hashtag #FreeBritney and movement to help the singer. In the middle of this mess, her Ex-Husband Kevin Federline has praised Jodi for the work he has done. He expressed his views on his conservatorship and seems happy. He has also talked about their parenting dynamics and said that it was smooth.

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