New HTC Wildfire Elite has entered the market, Check out its features and price and availability

new HTC Wildfire E Lite 

HTC was going through tough times with its smartphone sales. It seemed that their devices were expensive and also didn’t offer any out-of-the-box features. Previously, the company also stated they won’t make any alterations in their prices to maintain its class reputation. However, HTC suffered heavily and everyone thought this mobile company will shut down soon. Instead of closing, HTC decided to change its way and launch innovative phones to compete in the market. Since 2019 HTC is trying to bring quality phones with expected trendy features and satisfactory prices. Recently HTC Company has launched a new smartphone called Wildfire E Lite. This phone will be made available in countries like South Africa and Russia. This fresh new device will comprise an Helio A20 chipset and will run on Android 10. So let’s check the phone out!

HTC Wildfire E Lite 

Summary of the new HTC Wildfire E Lite 

HTC is all set to launch its new smartphone in the market. However, the phone only has one storage variant and RAM which is a demerit. It also indicated buyers have only one choice to select. The specifications on the phone are as follows: 

  • A display of 5.45 inches of IPS LCD HD+ screen 
  • Screen resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels 
  • An Helio A20 processor coupled with 2 GB RAM
  • Only one storage option of 16GB
  • The phone will run on Android 10 
  • A dedicated slot for micro SD card for bigger storage space
  • The front camera is a dual 8 Megapixels primary camera along with a depth sensor of 0.3 Megapixel 
  • The back camera provides full HD recording of 1080 pixels 
  • The phone also contains Bluetooth 5.0 and dual WiFi connection 
  • Locking options like Fingerprint sensors and AI face lock

The mentioned features are convincing enough for buyers to check their devices. 

How much will the HTC Wildfire E Lite cost?

The prices of the phone differ from country to country. The expense of the phone is as follows: 

  • South Africa- It will cost approximately 1,549 ZAR ( $103)
  • Russia- It will cost approximately 7,790 RUB ($104)

The cost is fairly enough according to the market. The phone also delivers various attributes hence the cost seems reasonable.

Overall review of the phone 

However, some improvements can be made with their availability of storage variants to provide better pricing options as well. Otherwise, the phone is considerably better than its predecessors and delivers terrific features along with a sleek and classy design at a fair cost. 

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