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PUBG gains 1.06 billion dollars even when one of its biggest consumers banned it. To learn more about it, keep scrolling

PUBG is an acronym for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. It is a widely known game which was developed by South Korean video game company Bluehole. It started off as a small unknown game but soon it took the world like a storm. Moreover it is available on all platforms for example, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Stadia and Windows. This has further improved the user experience and attracted more players. It was released in 2017 and is still going strong.

pubg mobile revenue

Chinese applications find users in asian countries like japan because of cultural similarities

This App had the most downloads among rest of the gaming applications. Majority of Indian gamers used to play PUBG and it was seemingly popular. But it was only until 2nd of September, 2020 that the gamers could get the taste of it. It was surprisingly banned by the Indian Government, because they didn’t think it was in the favour of Indian Sovereignty. The application used to run with Chinese investor Tencent Games and India was banning all China based and China funded applications at that time. However this didn’t do much harm to the online running game. It got a large number of users from Japan and US. Despite India banning it, PUBG still managed to gain a profit of 1.06 billion dollars from overseas market.

PUBG does efforts to regain its position in the markets

PUBG Corporation didn’t continue with Tencent Games for running in India. They also planned to localize PUBG for Indian audience. It was decided that the game would get some new features like green blood, characters with full clothing, and time restrictions. The cultural values of the country and complains from the parents were considered. Teens and young adults spent most of their time on the online game. Taking that into consideration, PUBG will put limits on time for which one user can avail it.

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