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PUBG Mobile New Karakin Map, New Weapons and what’s more in PUBG Mobile Latest Beta Update, Check details in this article

new karakin map

PUBG Mobile has rolled out latest version 1.3.0 which sports a new Karakin map, a new vehicle and some new weapons. As of now, this version can be accessed only by beta users. The stable version will be available to all the users only after the ending of the current season 17. Well, if you are in India, this news might be a little relevant to you, since PUBG has been banned by the Indian Government, though some players have reportedly downloaded the APK file of the PUBG Mobile Global Version. Coming back to the PUBG beta update, the significant changes are the new Karakin map, new vehicles, new weapons and new Arena map. However, the developer of this game Tencent Games has not released patch notes of this latest version.

new pubg map

The new version will also roll out the new season 17 of the PUBG

The new version seems to kick off the new season 18 for the users as the Runic Power Mode available with the current version 1.2.0 is bound to end on March 2021. The new Karakin map will be the sixth battle royal map after Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi and Livik. The map is located on the North African Coasts and has a stretch of 2km square with a dry and open environment full of boulders. The new map can have a maximum of 64 players only as it supports only classic mode. Among the new things is a Demolition zone mechanic available on the map. The players can turn buildings into ashes in this zone so that opponents can have less hideouts. There is also a new mechanic which allows bullets to penetrate thin walls.

Among the new weapons, Sticky Bomb looks exciting in this new update

Talking about the new weapons, this new version sports a sticky bomb that can destroy a wall after being stuck to it by a throw.  This sticky bomb can unlock some “hidden spaces” after destroying the buildings. There is also a new firearm by the name of Panzerfaust which shoots rockets. This single use weapon is also helpful in penetrating objects. This version also flaunts a new motor glider which is a two person vehicle. The vehicle needs to hit the top speed for taking off. Last but not the least, the new update brings a new Arena map Code-C. This is a small map which facilitate fast gameplay and is meant for players who like to get engaged in the aggressive showdown, taking the help of assault rifles, machine guns etc. With such loads of exciting updates, PUBG users will eagerly wait for the stable update for all.

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