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 Lopez and her Fiancé A-Rod spotted at a Restaurant amid Rod’s Face Timing Rumours with Madison LeCroy

Lopez and her Fiancé at restaurant
Lopez and her Fiancé at restaurant

Amid rumours of Alex Rodriguez face timing with Madison LeCroy love birds Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez were spotted together at the Bellini Restaurant in South Florida. This will surely put an end to all the rumours which have been around the corner recently. The rumour started when LeCroy’s classmate Danni Baird revealed that LeCroy herself copped to the digital meeting with a star retired baseball player. Though she didn’t take anyone’s’ name people started to think of Lopez’s fiancé Rodriguez. This spotting of the couple will surely put an end  to the rumours which have been in the news recently.

Lopez and her Fiancé

LeCroy’s Classmate Danni Baird’s interview started the rumour

Danni Baird talked about this in the show Reality Life With Kate Casey. Baird said, “Months before, I had heard ….LeCroy had told me that they were Face Timing or something.  “I never asked more about it or anything like that. I just didn’t tie in that he was a Major League Baseball Player”, she further added. As soon as this podcast got viral, many netizens start assuming that Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé Alex Rodriguez might be that “baseball player”. However, Rodriguez fans were quick to react and pointed out the LeCroy’s alleged face timing was supposedly with a married man. Still it didn’t help to stop the rumours of the alleged Face Timing.

Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced their engagement in 2017

With the recent spotting of the couple in the restaurant, they have proved that there is no issue in their relationship.  Lopez was seen wearing a camel colored, long sleeved top layer with a plaid cot while her fiancé Alex was seen in casual dressing as he went with just a navy sweater and jeans. The couple started dating way back in the year 2017. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced engagement in the year 2019. We hope that the relationship of this lovely couple always remain intact.

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