‘Bachelor’ Matt James seemed head over heels for Rachael during their fashionable date revealed by Stylist

Matt James date with Rachael
Matt James date with Rachael

It seems that this season the bachelor Matt James could be falling in love already. The 24-year-old graphic designer Rachael Kirkconnell has caught the eye of Matt. Rachael received special attention from Matt when the pair went on an adorable fashion date with stylist Ty Hunter. The stylist is a renowned artist and popular for dressing celebrities. Hunter also has been in the fashion industry although he initially was in the medical field but changed after working in a store in Houston. The most iconic dress of Ty is the Met Gala outfit worn by Beyoncé in 2015. Hunter is behind most of the outstanding outfits worn by singer Beyoncé. Therefore, on the Monday episode when Rachael got the opportunity of going on a date with Matt the duo tried and wore different outfits together and had a fun time. The stylist further revealed everything from the episode was real and the duo had real chemistry between each other.

Matt and Rachael

Details about Matt and Rachael’s lovely date

Even though Matt and Ty were unaware of which one will win the date, Rachael fit in the selected outfits perfectly. Ty really enjoyed dressing her as she had a great vibe and energy. The stylist also narrowed the sizes and types of outfits according to the taste which would match the contestants. The pair thoroughly enjoyed their time, there was immense affection between them even off camera said the stylist.

Rachael gets bashed for being prejudiced against black

Rachael is being surrounded by allegations of being biased against black people. Apparently as the episode was telecast, a Tiktoker accused Kirkconnell of bullying her for dating black men. After which another user slammed Rachael for liking a picture which was racist. However, Kirkconnell has not given any reaction to these accusations yet.

Rumors about the bachelor contestants

Recently it was noticed that the participants of the show were slammed by controversial rumors. These allegations even had the potential to ruin the contestants career and life. Therefore, in an interview, Matt revealed that these surging rumors are unkind and one need to be careful with social media. In the end Matt favored the reports stating the allegations about Rachael being racist online. Although, Matt also said that Rachael in the future will probably respond to it.

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