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Super Bowl to be totally different this year with less crowd along with strict rules of wearing masks and maintaining guidelines

strippers take on super bowl
strippers take on super bowl

Ever since the pandemic has striked globally major and important events were eventually postponed to other dates.This virus pandemic brought severe regulatory measures to be taken like wearing masks,sanitation,avoiding crowds and maintaining social distances outside.These rules and guidelines made events more difficult to execute and plan since the bigger the crowd the more tough it is to makes sure they follow these government published orders.Although some industries tried to open and somehow managed the system to get people to strictly adhere to the mentioned directions provided by the authorities.After almost a year passing by, the life all around the world is going back to normal and those major events are preparing even better than before but some shows like super bowl events have to yet suffer loss of crowd and enthusiasm this year.

super bowl 2021

Super bowl will be take place this year

The Super Bowl event is one the most popular American yearly football leagues where both sports and entertainment industries merge.The championship involves celebrities performing during the halftime of the game to increase its publicity on television.Several celebrities especially legendary singers like Micheal Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez and many more have appeared on this event.Although these famous stars do not get paid for their performance, their stages expenses are made by NFL.Doing a show here gives these stars immense fame for their entertainment.

The super bowl will be in Florida

This year the NFL decided the league will take place in Tampa, Florida.Although it will be done quite differently this year by maintaining the rules of Covid-19 and also entertaining.Especially the Tampa strippers and pole dancers are facing troubles wearing intensely tight masks and hence have difficulty in breathing due to the coverings.Also the dancers makeup could get ruined but have to adjust anyhow with the current situation.

How well will the super bowl go?

Apparently there won’t be any profit from the event since the crowd is restricted to about twenty thousand since only one third of the stadium can be occupied. Already clubs and restaurants suffered majorly in 2020 and now are continuously going through a rough time after getting opportunities to perform.

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