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Madison LeCroy clarified about her relationship with Lopez’s fiancé and said she has not met or had an affair with Alex Rodriguez

Madison LeCroy and Alex
Madison LeCroy and Alex

Madison LeCroy is a 33 year old television star who appears  in the reality television series southern charm.Madison has been on the show for a long time and currently this television is showcasing its final season.The show is surrounded  around seven people and also gives insight about their  personal and professional lifestyle.Although the series is coming to an end and the reunion last episodes are being telecasted which includes hefty amount of drama and gossip from the industry.Due to the coronavirus pandemic most of the show’s and movie’s shootings were halted until their respective countries make it permissible for them.In the reunion episodes some drastic events took place when model Kathryn took a pregnancy test on the show.However there has been buzz related to Madison that apparently she and Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé were in a alleged affair.Madison hence opened up on this circulating topic on the show and revealed the details.

Madison and Alex

Madison and Alex are dating or not

The 33 year old star clarified she is definitely not in a relationship with Alex.The star further continued and stated she has only spoken to Alex on the phone and they are just acquaintances apparently.Madison pushed that the call were just casual talks and both had pure intentions.The star also refused these rumours about her having an affair with Lopez’s fiancé and also said she has never even met the person physically in life.There was a buzz about Alex cheating on Jennifer with Madison but the star said that is not true at all.

How did the rumours start

According to Madison this she revealed that she spoke to Alex to not a right person hence those rumours surged immediately.The star also disclosed this was a year old incident when she told that she did speak to Alex.Although on the other hand Alex has completely denied recognising or talking to Madison at all.Even though this news caught fire soon and was spread a lot, couple Jennifer and Alex seem unaffected by this whole situation and the duo was seen happy together in Florida.

Rodriguez’s name was beeped in the show

When the episode was telecasted,Madison was clarifying about these rumours and when she took the name it was covered.The purpose was revealed by Madison as she doesn’t want her side of the family or Alex’s family to get involved and hurt by this news.Hence the star had to keep mum about this issue however she did confirm it was Alex.

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