The Garmin Lily women oriented smartwatches, Price and Specifications

Garmin Lily

Garmin watches has been the most amazing Smartwatches for the watch lovers. The company has  wide range of ultimate range in Smartwatches with tremendous features and specifications. The main attraction of these Smartwatches is that they are suitable for sports. Due to its aim towards running, watersports, golf, cycling, and swimming sensors. It also consists of sensor such as heart rate and gps. These days the craze of Smartwatch among youth is on another level. People generally prefer to have smartwatches rather than purchasing normal watches. But we have that in the industry most of the smartwatches are manufactured for the males or the watches with that of larger wrists. Although, there are some watches which are specifically designed for females but still they are much more similar with that of male designated watches. A new range of Smartwatches by Garmin which is Garmin Lily it will designed specifically for females. The watches will be smaller in size and discreet wearable. According to a recent leak the specifications of the watch will now be known. Let’s have a look over the features of the watch.

Garmin LilyGarmin Lily smartwatches specs

  • This smartwatch is specially designed for women. As we have seen that most watches are available in the market specifically for woman but they are not.
  • It features a body of 34mm and has proprietary strap which is only of 14mm wide.
  • Although the specifications of the smartwatch will be much more similar with that of other smartwatches such as it will consists of sensors for measuring blood oxygen saturation.
  • The smartwatch will requires a smartphone for GPS.
  • It also consists of LCD screen only displays white over the color background.
  • The smartwatches will have a five days of battery life.
  • Garmin watches has main attraction that is best known for its navigation. The same features could be seen in this Garmin Lily. It provides the primary functions without the say wear OS by Google.
  • The main difference is that it will be small and suitable for women wrists.
  • There will be two Variant of the watch a classic and a sports version. The main difference of material used.

Garmin Lily smartwatches price

According to the sources the watch will debut at the price of 199 EUR price tag.

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