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Orienne Cevey is auctioning Phil Collins’ gold records at only 100 dollars

Orienne Cevey

Cevey – who is going through a long series of bitter legal proceedings with the pop icon over his multimillion-dollar Miami manse – is now auctioning off several items that no longer give joy to her – including Collins’ gold records just for a mere 100 dollars.

The moving out

Last year, the 69-year-old singer sued to evict Cevey and her current husband, Thomas Bates from her property. In October, Cevey agreed to leave the 40 million dollar house by January 21 according to a partial statement. After Cevey moved out, now she has put a number of her items up for auction with Kodner galleries.

Orienne Cevey

The things that are up for auction

A gold record for Robert Plant’s “The Principle of Moments” which was presented to Collins because it was released from his label, is now up for auction for a mere 100 dollars. A lot containing “Assorted Phil Collins Awards” is also at 100 dollars. Cevey is also selling many high fashion clothes and bags, an array of diamond jewels, high-end sneakers, and several costly watches. Unusual items in the auction include a vintage stamp collection, a carved skull necklace, and a diamond.

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The reason for the auction

Sources claim that Cevey is moving to a smaller home and is doing the auction to get rid of the clutter she no longer uses or wears. Apparently, Cevey found the move very cathartic and went very organizational to declutter her belongings. On select items, 10% of the proceeds will go to charity.

Cevey and Collins married in 1999 but got divorced in 2006. In 2016, the couple reunited but things got bitter again when it was found that she had married Bates.