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Linda Tripp Civil servant, the Whistleblower of the infamous Clinton Scandal died at 70

Linda Tripp

Linda Tripp was a Civil servant who used to record Monica Lewinsky’s calls in order to collect evidence against Bill Clinton. Her reason for doing all this was patriotism as per her own words. She used to work at the Pentagon along with Monica when she started to spill her secrets. Tripp 70, started to get more close to Lewinsky after she revealed that she was in an intimate relationship with Bill Clinton. Tripp used to tap the calls when Lewinsky talked about the affair.

Linda TrippDetails of Linda’s memoir

After years of scandal and two years of Tripp’s her memoir has been published by Post Hill Press. It goes by the name, “A Basket of Deplorables: What I Saw Inside the Clinton White House”. In the memoir she has mentioned that Lewinsky made it obvious that she had support but it wasn’t clear who was having her back. Her suspicion of Clinton Lewinsky grew when Lewinsky said, her mother was paying for the ticket to Clinton’s Birthday celebration.

Clinton’s Party at Radio City Music Hall

Linda Tripp has also included the aftermath of Clinton’s birthday party in her memoir. Monica Lewinsky had opened up to her about the role she played there. According to Linda, Monica was more than just being happy. She wasn’t celebrating that she got to be a part of it, but her excitement was rooted in her close contact with Clinton. Tripp said that, Monica used to call Clinton by “The Big Creep”. She used to get mad that her affair with the President was taking a shape of a fling. She wanted it to be something permanent, but maybe Clinton didn’t have the same thoughts. Monica used to say that he has already forgotten her name and that she had to remind him. This used to upset her and made her furious.

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