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Signs of Possible Tornado Damage in Birmingham, Tornado Watch issued in Central Alabama

Tornado Damage

The city of Birmingham was subjected to damage by a possible tornado late Monday.  As per the reports of the National Weather Service, damage has been reported in Interstate 65 in northern Jefferson County. Similar news of damage have been reported in the Fultondale area of Birmingham and Centre Point. The authorities took prompt notice and issued tornado watch for many counties in central Alabama. The list includes Bibb, Coosa, St. Clair, Calhoun, Etowah etc. The said tornado watch advisory will be in effect until 6 am. The same storm which caused damage to the Birmingham County also prompted a tornado warning for Calhoun, Cleburne and Cherokee counties, but fortunately the warning was withdrawn at 12.30 am and no damage of lives and property has been reported as of now.

Risk of Severe Weather Conditions remains for Alabama

The National Weather Service has requested residents of Alabama to have some sort of way to receive weather warnings overnight. According to the Storm Prediction Center there are chances of severe weather tonight at Alabama. As per weather updates by WBRC there are chances of another period of rainy weather after tomorrow night. The report claims that the weather might remain cloudy at times accompanied with unseasonably mild temperatures. WBRC however says that it cannot rule out the possibility of few afternoon showers tomorrow. The showers are expected to end on Wednesday with a colder flow returning by Wednesday night which may bring light freeze on Thursday morning. The report further says that Friday morning is expected to be the coldest day of the week with temperatures as low as 20 degrees.

The WBRC has projected about the weekend weather conditions too

WBRC has also projected the weather report on the weekend. The report says that weekend would start off with dry weather on Saturday, but due to increase in rain making clouds there are good chances of rain on Saturday night. The rain might get continued even on Sunday.

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