Michael Sorrentino shares his journey of substance abuse and posts 5-year sobriety on Instagram

Michael Sorrentino

Michael Sorrentino is an American television personality who got popular from the reality television show by MTV Jersey show where he appeared in all the seasons. Later on he even participated in the show dancing with the stars as a contestant. Michael went on several reality television shows which got him both money and fame and also his  popular name The Situation. This nickname was given to him by a weird and hilarious incident when a girl who already had a boyfriend complimented sorrentino for his abs. The 38 year old celebrity earned approximately five million dollars in the year 2010.Sorrentino has recently shared something on his social media account that is personal and emotional to the tv star. In the post the star reveals his journey through addiction and how he successfully managed without any consumption for five years now.

Michael Sorrentino shares his addiction journey

Apparently went on Instagram to post about him being sober consistently for five years. In the post you can see the star holding an award where it’s written congratulations for five years of sobriety. The celebrity shared about his struggle with addiction and how difficult it is for an addicts to call out for help and guidance. The star also further encouraged people suffering from the same issue to not be scared and reach out others for help. The star also stated this is one of his proudest moments and it’s an honor for him to wear this badge of sobriety.

Michael SorrentinoMichael’s struggle for addiction is old

In the year 2012 Michael Sorrentino announced officially that he was facing an addiction problem with the drug oxycodone. This drug is used for pain relief but unfortunately it is commonly consumed and often leads to drug abuse. The star also had revealed that he has started rehab and will try to overcome this addiction issue soon. Michael however also said he was having an internal battle to maintain his appearance while he was struggling with substance abuse. Although he managed to successfully recover and came out clean from his addiction.

Michael also had personal struggles

While Michael Sorrentino was fighting with his addiction he also had several issues in his personal life especially with his girlfriend Lauren Pesce. The duo had split as Michael had to go for rehab and hence the star went through an emotional struggle as well. Although the the duo later on separate way and were dating different people the couple finally in the year 2018 got back together. They also married each other. Now the couple seems to be happy and doing well after a tough journey and are soon expecting a baby in May 2021.

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