Justin Bieber posted his 2014 Miami arrest photo on Instagram, stated he is not proud of his past moments

Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian singer and has been active in the music industry for more than a decade. The 26 year old singer managed to debut in the year 2009 with a song called one time which also had a cameo by popular singer Usher. His debut album My World got extremely famous worldwide and seven of his songs from the album even made to the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This record and achievement made Justin Bieber the first artist to do so. Justin bieber from the beginning had a massive following especially girls. The singer got immense teenage fame and his talent of playing multiple instruments also gave him more favor. His other albums and films also got popular and he even performed at the sold out Madison square garden at the age of just sixteen years. The stage has been an iconic location for artists. Although the singer’s journey was not that great and had his downfall from the year 2014 where he was arrested and in the news for his bad behavior.

Justin posted on Instagram about how he has changed

Justin Bieber posted on Instagram about how wrong his actions were in the year 2014 when he was arrested. He posted a photo of being taken by the police authorities and wrote he was not proud of that moment and he felt a mixture of emotions like unhappy, hurt and misunderstood. The singer said he is a changed person now and now only reflects on his past and learns from it. His fans including his wife Hailey Bieber and Scooter Braun also appreciated and supported the post.

Why was Justin taken into custody?

Apparently Justin Bieber along with his friends was racing with his yellow colored Lamborghini while being high. The singer was said to be high on drugs and drinking alcohol while driving due to which Miami police arrested the singer. Later the Justin admitted and pleaded guilty and his charges were removed after the singer made charity and attended anger management classes.

Justin Bieber has also struggled with health issues

Justin Bieber had a huge downfall where the singer always seemed to be in the bad light and news. The singer was often trolled and called out for his bad behavior. Although that was not the singer’s only struggle, Justin revealed that he was suffering from the Lyme disease which is caused by a tick carrying the bacterial infection. The disease has multiple long term and chronic issues where it slows brain functions and health. It often also causes a person to feel fatigue, joint aches and fever too. The singer later stated his in on treatment since there is no cure for the disease yet.

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