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FBI completes Lost Angeles Mission, finds 33 missing children in Southern California


A multiagency investigation headed by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) rescued 33 missing children from the streets of Southern California. Of the 33 children, 8 are victims of sexual abuse, the FBI announced in a press release on Friday. While 2 of them were found multiple times during the operation at sex traffic locations in the streets of California. The FBI officials explained that these “endangered” children often return to such situation due to various reasons and become a part of this harmful “cycle” of sex abuse. Several other children who were rescued are said to have been sexually exploited in the past and were considered as “vulnerable missing” children.

FBIThe FBI started operation “Lost Angels” on January 11

In an effort to identify and rescue missing children, FBI with the aid of more than 12 state agencies, started the operation “Lost Angels” during the Human Trafficking Awareness Month. The Operation began on Jan 11 with the primary objective to rescue the missing children. The investigation headed by FBI utilized the aid of 24 agencies including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the California Department of Child and Family Services. The FBI Los Angeles tweeted this information on the social media. However, no information with regards to the ages of children has been surfaced by FBI Los Angeles till now. The FBI has made one arrest on human trafficking charges while some of the minor victims were arrested for probation violations, robbery and other crimes.

“FBI considers human trafficking modern day slavery”

The Federal Investigation Agency said that crimes related to sex and human trafficking has increased substantially in the recent years.  Kristi Johnson, Assistant Director of FBI Los Angeles said in a statement, “The FBI considers human trafficking modern day slavery and the minors engaged in commercial sex trafficking are considered victims”.  In last November, 27 Children in Virginia were recovered as a part of a separate operation.

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