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Atiana De La Hoya ,Boxing Legend Oscar Hoya’s daughter rises up to fame

Atiana De La Hoya

Atiana De La Hoya has plenty of home movies from her childhood days. From 2005 to 2006, her family – including her mom, former Miss USA and Playboy model Sanna Moakler; her stepfather Travis Barker, drummer for the famous band Blink-182; and her half-siblings – starred in a reality show called “Meet the Barkers.”

Atiana’s childhood and early life

In an interview, she said that it was a haunting experience to have people in the house all the time and pretend like they are not there. Reality Tv is very different now than the time she was in the show. She was very young, only about 7 years of age when she was in the show, she does not remember most of it but she cherishes the experience. Recently the 21-year-old, whose father is the boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya – has found her ground in Hollywood, apart from her family’s career. She doesn’t feel like she’s athletic or good with music but she can visualize herself there. Her career and self-sufficiency are rising.

Atiana De La HoyaIn 2019, the artist started painting on handbags and accessories. This little endeavor turned out so well that she began selling her work on her Instagram account, where she also posts photos of custom pieces she has created for Barker and other music stars. She also recently reignited the modeling career she dropped as a teenager. She started her career so early that by the time she was in high school, she wanted to not work.

Her relationship with her parents

When her parents split in 2006, they also had a very public feud. In 2008, they reunited for some time after Barker survived an airplane crash. The love story resumed but did not last very long. Still, the adults managed to shield their daughter and her siblings from all the public feud. Atiana has grown to be independent. She is glad to have supportive parents. She has also found a huge following base on Instagram who supports her. She is very unconventional and even publicly stated that she finds it hard that people use filters to click pictures.

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