Jane Krawoski and MyPillow CEO Lindell romance was only a media speculation

Jane Krawoski

A famous actress and the MyPillow CEO: it seemed to be a romance made for these times. However, it looks like this rumored romance was nothing but a product of the media. Lindell, 59, CEO of MyPillow and a noted Trump supporter and White House regular, was rumored to have been involved with Krakowski, who spent her childhood on Parsippany and is known for Jenna Maroney on “30 Rock”.

The claim from the media that caused the rumor

A newspaper claimed that the couple had been together for 9 months and recently celebrated their anniversary before ending things. Krakowski,50, is now the host of the Fox game show “Name that tune” and plays Mrs. Dickinson on the Apple Plus TV series Dickinson. Apart from the Emmy nominated performance in “30 Rock”, she also received a nomination for various roles which includes the role of Jacqueline White in a Netflix original.

Their past marriages and relationships

She was engaged to British menswear designer Robert Godley. The couple, who got divorced in 2013, have a son.  Lindell became famous after his late night informercials about pillows became viral. He was married twice but none of them lasted. His last marriage to Dallas Yocum ended after a month of their marriage. He has 4 children from his first marriage.

Their reaction to the claim

Krakowski had shut down the rumor through a playful statement from her publicist. In her statement, she claimed to have never met Lindell, but she is already in a fantasy relationship with Brad Pitt among others and she wants the media to cover these stories. Lindell on the other hand has issued similar statement saying that they have never met and its impossible to date someone who they have never met.

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