Christina Ricci and her husband caught up in legal war on Domestic Violence

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci’s husband asked for a restraining order against the actress but was denied. Reports claim that the restraining order accused the actress of excessive drinking and domestic violence.

Heerdegen’s claim and accusations against Ricci

Heerdegen’s request for the order came only days after Ricci requested a restraining order against him. Her restraining order was granted. In addition to the order, Heerdegen claimed that the actress would drink and then go into episodes of rages in front of him and their son. He also claimed that she would not have any memory of what she did after she had sobered up. Not only was Heerdegen’s request for a restraining order denied, but the judge also shot down his request for the change of custody of their son and visitation rights.

Christina RicciRicci’s claims and accusations against her husband

Ricci’s attorney told in a statement that the filings were nothing but an attempt to silence Ricci and that those will not work. Christina is determined to protect her family and will not be intimidated.

Ricci and Heerdegen got married in 2013 and gave birth to their son Freddie in 2014. The actress filed for divorce in July 2020 after a domestic battery incident. Ricci asked for both primary and legal custody of their son Freddie. She also asked the court to not give Heerdegen any visitation rights.

The pieces of evidence that Ricci submitted

Ricci believes that the filings from her husband were retaliation and unnecessary. She has also provided proof of her injuries she sustained from abuse. She also included an audio clip from June 2020 where James can be heard terrorizing Christina, spitting and shouting at her, then chasing her. He was also assaulting her when the audio clip ends.

James filed the complaints as a part of the defense and to soil the name of the renowned actress. The court believes that James is the primary aggressor and must be held accountable for his crimes.

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