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Olivia Jade is back on vlogging after a long period of almost a year after her parents got in a legal trouble

Olivia Jade

Olivia Giannulli is an American youth personality who is extremely popular on platforms like YouTube and Instagram,basically she is a social media celebrity.Olivia is also known for being the daughter of renowned designer of the fashion industry Mossimo Giannulli.She has millions of followers which encouraged her to have a career in this field and eventually became an influencer.The 21 year old has a massive following with a whopping 1.86 million subscribers.Apparently the YouTuber has made success from these platforms by commercial monetisation.Although things didn’t quite work for the media star as she got stuck and exposed after getting into a controversy which also landed her own parents in jail.Recently Olivia Jade after almost a year has returned to YouTube again.

Olivia Jade

Olivia’s controversy which put her parents in jail

Olivia was involved in a scandal where her parents apparently bribed a university for admissions.Olivia’s parents paid about half a million dollars just to get their two daughters Bella who is 22 years old and Olivia.Her parents tried to get their children in Southern California university but got caught and hence got jailed for this.Actress Lori served about 2 months in jail in California at FCI dublin and Mossimo served about 5 months in jail in California as well.

Olivia’s responded to the controversy in an Interview

The 21 year old had an interview with  Jada Pinkett Smith on her show red table talk.Olivia revealed how she thought about this controversy and how her parents went to prison due to it.Olivia stated she was humiliated at what her parents did.

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Jade returned to her social media platforms

Olivia jade after a long time of almost a year has released her video on YouTube.The video was a vlog which reveals her life now and how she is following Covid-19 guidelines.Olivia stated in her video she is quarantined in her house that’s in Los Angeles.Most of the video consisted of her daily blogging but she also requested her viewers to watch her interview.Although she did not mention anything related to her long break or her parents being imprisoned to keep her sanity.

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