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Tom Jennings disclosed a conspiracy against the biography of Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s biography which was known as a controversial book had caught massive attention. Especially the author of the book Andrew Morton was talk of the town ever since he published the book- Diana, Her True Story. Sources state that the book was originated by Diana herself as she wanted to publish her life story. The author Andrew Morton revealed Diana approved of every page in the book. All of this information also included recorded  interviews she gave to Andrew Morton in the form of tapes from her Kensington Palace house. However many yet  believed that most of the content was not authentic. Although the book performed great in sales and Mr Morton earned more than $7 million.

A conspiracy against the biography?

Recently a friend of author Mr Morton film director Tom Jennings revealed there was scheme made against the book. In a podcast show called Naughty but nice Tom disclosed some bizarre incidents that took place at that time. Tom said that when Andrew Mortan’s office was damaged and robbed and the secret source that provided the tapes was made to run off the road and a fake publisher attempted to stop the press of Mr Mortan.

Andrew Mortan has proof to provide

Although author and journalist Andrew Mortan made several statements and later changed them, he always said he had proof. Andrew on multiple occasions has revealed he has tape recordings as strong evidence which includes the interview with Princess Diana. There were numerous speculations about the authenticity of the book and whether the information was provided by Diana or not but Andrew still says that Diana was the main creator of the book.

What made the book scandalous

The biography of Princess Diana had many sensitive and unheard details which caused severe damage to the royal family’s image. Some of them include that Diana harmed herself multiple times, cut her wrists and even cut her legs with a blade. The book also mentions Diana had an eating disorder.

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