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Halsey comes on Instagram in blue hair and uses her makeup skills to cast a beauty spell on her fans


Halsey, an American singer is known for her honey laced vocals and experimental nature. She is one of those artists who do not hesitate when it comes to try different colors on her hair and face. She is a rockstar with musical talent and a strong personality.

About Halsey

Halsey’s real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane and she is 26 years old. Her success graph is a little different from the other artists’ trajectories. She started off by releasing her own videos and didn’t get a proper promotion at the beginning of her career. Then later she was signed to Astralwerks Records. Halsey has only seen an upward slope in her fame and recognition since then. “Without Me”, singer is a known make up artist too. She blends colours uniquely to give her face a different look every time.

Her beautiful features are a result of her mixed race. Her father is an African American and her mother an Irish, Hungarian and Italian descent. When ethnicities mixed like colors of make up, the result was Halsey.


About-Face By Halsey

She runs a make up brand About-Face and she was seen wearing products from her brand whilst showing off her blue hair in bangs. Halsey posted an IGTV tutorial where she was giving her two eyes different looks. Her mismatched eye shadow, a nude lip color and blue hair complemented her natural looks.

There are many supermodels who keep experimenting with the wigs they wear like Kylie Jenner. Amongst singers it’s Halsey who bears the crown. She has tried all different colors of wigs from blue to pink to rainbow. Switching colors of your hair is not just a style statement but it a reflection of your confidence. Halsey can pull off every color and it shows how confident that queen is.

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