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Susan Gutfreund sells her art pieces, Jewelery and furniture for 7.4 million$

Susan Gutfreund

John Halle Gutfreund born in 1929 was a highly successful businessman and banker. He was an American, a jew and a CEO of an investment bank, “Salomon Brothers Inc.” which later became public. His worth was usually a surprise to ordinary people because he had earned enough to lead a rich lifestyle. He wasn’t given the title, “King Of Wall Street” for nothing. In 1958, he married Joyce Low, and had three kids from that marriage. Later he married Susan Penn. and had one child from that marriage.

John Gutfreund was 86, when he breathed his last. At that time he was in Manhattan, New York City.

John and Susan, Socialites of NYC

In 1980s John and Susan were deemed as the official socialites of New York City. If life was only shimmer and glam, it could be theirs. Susan was so spendthrift that she made news when she used to make a purchase. If she had to decline a dinner invitation, she did that by sending an orchid tree worth 700 US dollars. Who would rent a Blenheim Palace? It would cost a fortune and you would need a heart to do that. Well! Hold your horses because Susan Gutfreund once rented Blenheim Palace for throwing a party.

Christie’s Auction

After John’s death Susan sold the 12k square foot duplex they had been living in. It was sold for fifty three million dollars. Now Susan is selling her artworks, jewelery and stuff worth 7.4 million dollars. Christie’s is putting up these things for auctioning. As per Susan, she is a widow who lives with her pet and doesn’t need luxury items to lead a peaceful life. These items would sell at a higher price if it were 80s but the tastes for decorating houses have changed and this led to lower bids on her fancy and luxury goods.

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